Student Visa Consultants

About United Study Abroad

Do you wish to study abroad but don’t know where and how to begin? Are documents, exams, application process and formalities overwhelming you?

United Study Abroad is here to assist!

We specialise in:

  • Career Counselling (Choosing the right country, course and university)
  • Test Preparations and everything else in between that will help you in your goal to study overseas.
  • Creating the ideal Statement of Purpose, essays and recommendations , etc. to complement your academic profile.
  • Student Visa application and interview preparation.
  • Education Loan and Financial assistance.

We are a team of young individuals who:

  • Remain up to date on the latest immigration rules and policies.
  • Possess first-hand Experience as International students, and hence know exactly the challenges faced by prospective students planning their overseas education.
  • Have the necessary experience to understand the unique ambitions of each student.
  • Tech-savvy, Helping you make optimum use of the technology available, using platforms for online tests and preparations, vocabulary building, writing skills, analytical abilities, among many other aspects.

  • Best Student Visa Consultants Ahmedabad

How are we different?

United Study Abroad gives you a different experience. Our counsellors have extensive exposure and experience of studying abroad and have travelled to various countries and hence know the situation first hand.

After reviewing a student’s profile they are guided in a very ethical manner. If finance is a big concern for the student, we make the university selection realistically based on their suggested budget and more often they get admitted into a university/college, which looked like an ambitious university for them at the beginning.

Maintaining Transparency with all concerned has always been our core value, which helps the students and their Guardians take the RIGHT decisions.

Why United Study Abroad?

We operate under our parent company, United HR Solutions Pvt Ltd. Which has over 30 years of successful national and international recruitment experience, and are active members of eminent recruitment bodies that observe a strong code of ethics.

At United Study Abroad, we reflect these ethical values in all our endeavours. We are here to empower you. We are here to assist you in your ambition of studying overseas.

Transparency, Ethics and Service are our core values.

Our Approach:

  • Understanding students’ specific requirements.
  • Open communication and transparency with everyone, right from the students to the various institutions concerned.
  • Detail oriented and well-structured processes.
  • Qualitative approach.

Our Policy:

We aim for complete relevance, promptness, ethics and transparency in our operations.

A message from the management:

Be careful with your expectations!

In today’s highly competitive education environment, a lot of overseas education consultants often overlook a student’s academic capabilities, and they end up getting misguided.

This way many times the get they enrolled in a university or institution where the student is not satisfied with the quality of education or the campus experience.

Many times we have also come across students who end up falling in the trap of dishonest consultants/organisations who promise them great opportunities and set unrealistic expectations. Quite a few of them keep giving false hope.

Hence please be realistic about your expectations, depending upon, your academic profile and background.