Admissions In A Good University Abroad

Course Selection And Admission Guidance For Studying Abroad - United Study Abroad

We help you in choosing the perfect course to your academic profile and career plans.

Whether you are planning to go abroad right after completing 10th or 12th grade, or after completing an under-grad course or post-grad course, or even it is for a simple certificate course, making the right selection of course is important.

Planning ahead and planning well is necessary if one wants to make the right choice of the degree/certificate programmes, and we are here to assist the student in making a well-informed decision.

Institutions abroad offer a variety of courses to choose from: the STEM (Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics) subjects, the Humanities, Fine arts, Business, Commerce and an array of interdisciplinary courses. It is easy to get confused and end up making a hasty decision.

We assist the students in making the right decision about the course they want to take up. We ensure the student gets the right course and curriculum according to their:

  • Academic profile.
  • Career plans and expectations.
  • Interests and inclinations.

We provide answers to questions like:

  • How do I choose a good course in a good university abroad?
  • Can I do a Bachelors/Masters course abroad if I have studied in India only?
  • Can I do PhD abroad if I have studied in India only?
  • What should I do after 12th if I want to study abroad?
  • Can I do a diploma course in a foreign university?
  • What should I do after graduation if I want to study abroad?
  • What if I want an international degree in the course of my choice?