Pre-departure Counselling

student visa consultant and pre-departure counseling in ahmedabad

Overwhelmed? Thrilled? Scared? Excited? We are here to guide you on studying and living abroad with our first-hand experiences.

Congrats! You have been accepted at your desired institution with the perfect course for you. The finances have been settled and the travelling arrangements in place. But you ask, what do I do after I land? We are here to give a pre-departure counselling so that you know exactly what to do after you land at your destination!

Pre-departure counselling includes details about handling accommodation, currency exchange, where to go after landing and all the other experiences that await you. We are here to help you cope with the jitters.

Our team has people who have been international students themselves. We understand the experiences of our students and we are here to assist.

We provide answers to questions like:

  • Will I get accommodation in my campus abroad?
  • How to get campus accommodation in a university abroad?
  • How to get accommodation out of campus in a foreign university?
  • What if I cannot get accommodation on campus in my university?
  • How to get a part time job while I study abroad?
  • Should I get a part time job while studying abroad?
  • How do I exchange currency when I go abroad?